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A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Find the dogs and go home.

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Published 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorSecret Treehouse
TagsDogs, Horror, polar-explorer, Voxel


Wherearemydogs (34 MB)
Wherearemydogs (33 MB)
Where are my dogs (37 MB)


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Not bad! I liked the visual style and what little audio there was was pretty good - the ambient snow sounds were nice and the audio when finding a particular dog was nice. That said personally, I felt like the movement was far too slow. There is a very fine line between tension building pacing and it just being a crawl. The ending was okay, a bit underwhelming given the relative buildup. Also, and this is probably just my impatience (lol) but the transition between the fade to white and the ending was slightly too long. I thought the game just ended or had crashed there, thought it best to wait and check luckily. Overall, pretty neat.