Ort, an aspiring shopkeeper, has entered a vast, forgotten realm rumored to contain powerful artifacts and secrets left by ancient heroes.


  1. Multiple ability upgrades: Double Jump, Dash, Wall Jump, and Swimming 
  2. Material collection and Item crafting
  3. 4 Enemy Types
  4. Various environmental hazards
  5. Large areas to explore
  6. Platforming challenge areas that reward the player with weapon upgrades
  7. One Epic Boss battle
  8. 100% original code, artwork and music created by our team
  9. Burning to death!

About Secret Treehouse

After completing an entry for MVM 16, our team-members thought we might need a rest... but then MVM17's theme was announced, and we were hooked! Before we knew it we were gearing up to make our most ambitious Jam entry to date.

Not only that, we changed course on development and decided to build our new entry in Godot!

Team members are:




Special Thanks

We want to thank our testers:


One Hero's Trash - Windows 41 MB


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Y’all killed it! I absolutely loved it. Really great exploration and level design, player movement felt good, and some original mechanics.

I would’ve liked an option to zoom out a little bit or just have the camera back a bit by default. Some of the rooms got pretty disorienting.

can’t wait for whatever y’all make next!


Can I ask how many green and yellow gems are scatterd through out the game?


I believe there are 8 health power-ups and 5 damage power-ups. Did you find them all?

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I think I found 7 health upgrades for a total of 10 hits. Did you got 11? I did find the 5 power ups.

I just confirmed that there are 8 health upgrades, though it's possible that the max display is set to 10. I know that was something that needed to be fixed but i thought it was fixed.

Is there a way for me to check if I missed one or if I'm having a bug?. I suspect the former, but just to check.

Yes. Get full health from a save point, then get injured. If your health doesn't go down after that first hit, you have all 11. If it goes down with the first hit, you are missing one.


Very nice game! Feels very polished, and I don't think I personally encountered any bugs. The levels feel really big, so there is a lot of exploration to be done! Music was also very nice and felt fitting with the levels.


this game is awesome! i actually enjoyed it unironicly ,the enemy verity,the enviroments,the pixels art,and the small dettails like sound changing underwater realy gives the game soul,but my only problem is that i encountered a bug,a game braking bug,you know that purple box in the map with p in it,if i try accesing it through the red room under it the player changes to the swimming animation and gameplay and i start flying,then when i reach that green part, because i didnt break the wall, i get stuck, i hope this made sence, here is a pic


Thanks for playing and for posting this! We'll be sure to upload a fix for this bug after the voting period for the game jam ends! 


Finished the game! Really well done. Only thing I'm missing is the item left from the bomb. Tried all combinations in the inventory for crafting as well, I think. Anybody has a hint? Perhaps the devs themselves? ;)


Thanks for playing and for your kind words! I believe that slot was supposed to have an icon for the stun weapon. Looks like we forgot to add it during the final crunch before the jam ended. D: Way to play to completion!


Amazing game, it was really fun exploring the levels trying to find every thing in the levels, I just wish there was something to tell you when a room was cleared because when looking for a crucial item to explore other rooms I found myself looking though rooms multiple times thinking I must have missed something. If there was some way to know when a level was cleared it would save so much time and make the experience more enjoyable.

Thanks so much for playing! This is a really good suggestion. Thanks for the feedback!

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Very fun little game! I liked that it was possible to make the items before you had the blueprints for them, and the whole crafting thing felt really nice. The platforming sections to get the weapon upgrades were fun, though not too tricky. The ending could have used a bit more zing, though. Maybe a little credits sequence showing off the new shop or something. 

Is there any use for the coal you get at the beginning? And is the item to the right of the bomb in the menu always blank or did I miss something? I'm pretty sure I got 100% otherwise. 

Thanks for playing! I agree about the ending. We sadly ran out of time before we could give Ort a proper send-off. Sounds like you played to completion. The coal was a bit of a joke that fell flat (the original plan was to put a useless item all over the place, and you'd get the finish checkmark after you collected a large number). I believe the item slot next to the bomb was supposed to have an icon of the stun weapon. Another detail lost during crunch. :/ At any rate, great work, and seriously, thank you!


Missing quite a lot, but missing the buttons hinders me from exploring the fire area. Anyone has a hint?


Hey! Just an FYI that there's been an update that might help you in your button search.  

However, if you don't mind a "dev" hint, I put one up on Gdrive here:
GDrive Link - Spoilers!

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Saw the update indeed, now found the boots, which makes me wonder if I completely missed that area before, or that you made it easier to reach with that update.

Didn't find the buttons yet though. However, I just finished the game without them, so gonna watch the spoilers. Thanks! And kudos for responding the way you did. 

Perhaps some hints scattered around the levels could've been a nice addition for the hard to find stuff?

Edit: And oh damn! About the spoiler, I totally forgot about that corridor. At some point I was remembering I should use some of my equipment to reach that, but totally forgot!


I'm pretty sure I 100% the game although I am missing the equipment left of the bombs...

The only complaint I have is the wall jumping is a little awkward.

Thanks for playing! I believe the item slot left of the bomb was supposed to have an icon for the stun weapon. This was a detail that we forgot to add before the deadline. Thanks for the feedback about the wall jump! Way to reach 100%!


nice gam, even though I am a bit lost here.nice the old mask and boots for the corresponding crafting items but no idea where to get those.
I think I have explored everywhere I can currently :-/

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nevermind I jsut found the jeans.
Fun thing:
the second I entered the level with the "P" on the card, I started swimming :-D

I swam through that weird corrdior to the left all the wasy to the green crystal and from their to the nrmal area.
bur since when swimming you cant drop down ledges I am very screwed :-D

I now reloaded the game, back at that area but sadly can no longer swim, so no swimming up the spike tube for me :-(

Edit: oh great, the jeans are fancy and ragged -.-

so I am lsot again on what to do next :-/


Just beat the game, was really ncie one.

I jsut totally didnt see the mask in the woods to the left :-D


Hey where did you find buttons or the boots blueprint? I'm going crazy here!!

As soon as we can post something without putting a spoiler in plaintext we will :) Or you can find us on the MVM discord - kkairos


you will get the boots once you have the mask, from what I remember.

Cant say where I found the buttons, where in some random bin along the way I guess.


FYI We're about to push a small update that should make the buttons and mask a bit easier to find.


The Update Zephyr was referring to has been published - you can refresh the page for the update :)


I'm afraid it has not made any difference that I can see. Shame as it means you can't get into the hot zone and finish the game.

Here is a hint (warning: Spoilers!)

GDrive Link - Spoilers!